Yme 507 SPORT

General information

Breeder H.J. Oosterhof from Suldrup, Denmark
Owner H.J. Oosterhof and family Age Okkema
 Height 1.65 meter
 Born 2015
 Descent Tsjalle 454 x Model & Sport Bente 412 x Model Wierd 409 x Ster & Preferent Oltman 317
 Stam Stam 025 (GENERATION 11)
 Kinship% 18.1

• Hydrocephalus: no carrier
• Dwarfism: no carrier
• Vosfactor: no carrier

Yme 507 is a son of Tsjalle 454, bred in Denmark, from a beautiful free bloodline.
His mother is a Model mare from Bente 412 with the Sport predicate. His grandmother, a Wierd 409 daughter, is also in possession of the Model predicate and she is also Preferent. The great-grandmother is a Star mare by Oltman 317 with 3 Star predicates in her offspring.

The fourth mare in the mare line is the well-known Jakob 302 daughter Beitske fan Marksathe. She is Star Preferent and Prestatie and has 11 times a Star predicate in her offspring. These horses from Stam 25 come from the same line as the Preferent breeding stallion Norbert 444.

Yme his father, the fantastic breeding Tsjalle 454 has been approved on his offspring and has several approved sons: Jehannes 484 (Tsjalle x Oepke), Tymen 503 (Tsjalle x Harmen) and Yme 507 (Tsjalle x Bente). Tsjalle also bred his first Model mare out of a Feitse mare: Joce Femke van de Noeste Hoeve (Tsjalle x Feitse). Joce Femke has the Model and Sport predicate. Tsjalle’s offspring perform above average on the breeding days and also in the sport. Several offspring of Tsjalle have become breeding day champions and also the Tsjalle offspring were on top at the central inspection.

Yme 507 is a hardworking stallion with a good body posture that canters with much balance, imprint and technique. His trot is both under the saddle and with showdriving with an outstanding technique.

Fee and reservation

The stud fee for Yme 507 is € 1.000 excl. VAT. Use for reservations our Reservation form.