Wibout 511 SPORT

General information

Breeder L. Haytema, Wons
Owner family Age Okkema
 Height 1.69 meter
 Born 2015
 Descent Thorben 466 Sport Elite x Ster Preferent van Doeke 287 x Ster Preferent van Tsjimme 275
 Stam 034 (GENERATIE 9)
 Kinship% 16,4%

• Hydrocephalus: no carrier
• Dwarfism: no carrier
• Vosfactor: no carrier

Wibout 511 is the first approved son of the Sport and Elite breeding stallion Thorben 466. It is a large-framed, breed-typical stallion that can be widely used in breeding, in particular due to his bloodline. Because of his free bloodline and 0% inbreeding, he can contribute to a low kinship.

Wibout 511 is an impressive stallion with a lot of front. He has a good self-carriage by nature. He has a strong, wide walk, in his trot his strong hind leg stands out and he has also got the expressive foreleg use of his father Thorben 466. His canter is uphill with a lot of cadence.

This stallion was praised for his great work-ability and strong use of his hind leg during the Central Examination. He passed the Central Examination with a strong all-round test. Wibout 511 has a sweet, cooperative character while grooming and in the stable

Fee and reservation
The stud fee for Wibout 511 is € 1.000 excl. VAT. Use for reservations our Reservation form