IBOP (performance aptitude test)

Should you be interested in letting your horse take an IBOP test, than we can be of service. We can introduce your horse into three disciplines: the driving test, the harness test and the riding test. Your horse has to be at least four years old to enter the IBOP test. Through the IBOP test your horse can definitively gain the star, crown or model predicate. An IBOP test is getting increasingly important for your horse. The test not only has a positive effect on the horse itself, but also on possible stallions from your strain participating in the stud inspection.

Star predicate

A provisional star mare, stallion or gelding can gain the definitive star predicate through an IBOP test. The average mark that must be scored for the walk and trot has to be 6,7 with no more than one 5.

Crown/model predicate

A provisional crown or model mare can gain the definitive kroon or model predicate through an IBOP test. The minimum score for this must be 77 points, with an average mark of 7 for the walk and trot.

A video from Minke fan de Broekfinne one of the highest IBOP test ever with 90 points, rider Age Okkema.

Video of Minke fan de Broekfinne