General Information

Breeder  J. Tienkamp, Peest
Owner P.  Reitsma, Ureterp and family Age Okkema, Siegerswoude
 Height 1.67 meter
 Born 2015
 Stam Atleet X É Linda KEUR v. Manno PREF X Kolinda  KEUR PREF SPORT v. Renovo PREF

Kapitaal is a generously developed stallion that stands well in the rectangle model. The head is sufficiently evident. The neck is of sufficient length with a slightly heavy head-neck connection. The neck is good in shape, length and musculature and should stand out more. The neck is slightly deep in the chest. The withers are well developed and good in length. The shoulder is good in length and sufficiently muscular. The loins are sufficiently muscled and sufficiently connected. The croup has good location and length, and is more than sufficient in muscle. The foreleg is seen from the front a bit French and seen from the side is slightly boxy and has a good length. The hindleg is correct. The legs are of good length and correct. The hooves are well developed and of good quality with good verses. The foundation is well developed and hard in quality.

The father of Kapitaal is the in sport and breeding successful Patijn son Athlete. Athlete won the Oregon Trophy in 2011, was several times champion in the North in the women’s class, was in 2016 champion class in North and the following year in South. In 2017 he was awarded the title Harness Horse of the Year. É Linda (by Manno), the mother of Kapitaal, was a three-year-old on the National Mare Inspection in Ermelo. She then acquired the certificate by obtaining good scores during the alternative IBOP. Her mother Kolinda (by Renovo) received the sport predicate and was next to Dutch champion broodmares also harness horse of the Year in 2000. Her Talos-daughter Alinda is with 96 profit points next to É Linda her most striking offspring. Other sporthorses from this predicate rich tribe are Victor (by Patijn), Osmond (by Renovo) and Sunday (by Renovo).

Research report
Kapitaal is an honest and trustworthy stallion. The stallion has much willingness to work and is easy to drive. The step is sufficiently spacious and more than sufficiently powerful. For the show car, the stallion puts the neck well to very good and he has plenty of body use. Kapitaal has much to very much knee action and has much to very much shoulder freedom. The hindleg is more than sufficiently curved and more than accommodated. Kapitaal has a great moment of suspension in the trot. The stallion has a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of talent as a harness horse. He gives his driver a good feeling. During the performance test the stallion made a lot of progress in his performance.

Breeding advice
Kapitaal can add front, size and foreleg use to harness horse breeding. Breeders have to take into account the high kinship of the stallion.

* Source: KWPN.nl