General information
Breeder Family Wijbenga-Meijer from Veenwouden
Owner Family Age Okkema from Siegerswoude
 Height 1.66 meter
 Born 2006
 Stam Mintse 384 x Ster Brandus 345P x Ster Preferent Jurjen 303 x Ster Preferent Jillis 301

Grand Champion Stallion Inspection 2016


Hydrocephalus: no carrier
Dwarfism: no carrier
Vosfactor: no carrier

  • Champion showdriving for breedingstallions 2010
  • Reservechampion of the stallioninspection 2011
  • Champion showdriving for breedingstallions 2011
  • Reservechampion of the stallioninspection 2013
  • Sportdressage
  • Champion Z dressage Kootwijk 2013
  • Approved on offspring
  • Reservechampion older stallions of the stallioninspection 2015
  • Grand Champion stallioninspection 2016
  • Reservechampion older stallions of the stallioninspection 2019

Tsjalle is a youthful and modern sire with a nice ‘uphill’ build. He stands out because of his flexibility, good use of his hind leg and his beautiful posture.While working, Tsjalle makes the rider/driver feel very good, under the saddle as well as hitched up. He is very eager to walk and learn.
Tsjalle brings his hind leg onto his hindquarters, sits while making good use of his back. In the canter he has a lot of elevation, this is especially important in dressage. Tsjalle scored as much as 91.5 points for the harness test, among which a 9 for the front leg.Tsjalle is honest and kind of character.
He is calm in the stable and behaves socially towards other horses. At pasture, he is a ‘jolly jumper.’On paternal sides as well as on maternal side, Tsjalle is of interesting strain. He is the first son of Mintse 384 Sport (exported to the United States) who has been admitted to the Studbook. Tsjalle is from stud farm ‘fan Fjildsicht’, from which already many high-profile inspection and sports horses stem. The Preferent sire Feitse 293 is one of the horses that stem from this maternal strain.Tsjalle is approved on offspring. Many Tsjalle offspring became champion and above average performance in sport.

Movie of Tsjalle on the stallionjudging 2013
Movie Tsjalle 454

Fee and reservation
The stud fee for Tsjalle 454 is €1.000 excl. VAT. Use for reservation our Reservation form.