Siert 499 SPORT

General information
Breeder F. Smit, Wognum
Owner F. Smit, Wognum and Fam. Age Okkema, Siegerwoude
 Height 1.66 meter
 Born 2013
 Descent Dries 421 x Stb Pref*4 Sape 381 x Ster Pref*5 Jochem 259 x Ster Pref*4 Fokke 217
 Stam 038 (Generation 10)
 Kinship% 17.6
DNA tests
  • Hydrocephalus: no carrier
  • Dwarfism: no carrier
  • Vosfactor: no carrier

Siert is racial stallion. His head is very noble with enough length in his neck which is beautifully shaped and vertically placed. Siert is a very youthful and correct build stallion that stand nicely in the rectangle model. 

The KFPS-judges were very enthousiastic about Sierd his Multi talent and commended him for his effort. Siert is of all the Young stallions of the 70 days test, the stallion who made the most progress. Until the last day he surprised the judges who continually had to adjust the grades. Eventually this led to grades of more than 80 points in all disciplines.

The walk is with big passes, active, with good use of the body and with al lot of shoulder freedom. The trot has a lot of balance, big passes and with a good technique. In the trot his has a beautiful posture. Siert is easy to work with. The canter has a good uphill jump with more than enough power. He shows a nice posture and a lot of carrying.

Siert has talent as a dressage horse. He has a good effort and is eager to work and easy to work with. He gives the rider a very good feeling. As a driving dressage horse he shows a lot of talent. He stands out for his nice attitude and shows a lot of effort. He is also easy to work with in this discipline. As a show driving horse Siert as a lot of talent. He has beautiful attitude, he shows an appealing  front and a good movement technique.

Siert is from a mother line with 5 Preferent mares on a row with respectively Sape 381, Jochem 259, Fokke 217, Nanne 197 and  Hylke 186 (stam 38). The fourth mare in the row is the famous Model Preferent  Prestatie mare Wijkje, the mother of the approved breeding stallions Djurre 284 and Tsjerk 328.

Recommendations for breeding by the KFPS

Siert 499 can improve movement technique, effort, nice model and luxury.

Fee and reservation

The stud fee for Siert 499 is € 1.000,- excl. VAT. Use for reservation our Reservation form.