Rommert 498 SPORT

General information
Breeder Pieter and Tiety Okkema from Witmarsum
Owner Pieter and Tiety Okkema from Witmarsum
 Height 1.72 meter
 Born 2013
 Descent Norbert 444 x Ster Pref*4 Jasper 366 x Ster Oege 267 x Ster Pref*4 Naen 264
 Stam 70
 Kinship% 18 (above average)
  • Hydrocephalus: no carrier
  • Dwarfism: no carrier
  • Vosfactor: no carrier

Rommert is a racial stallion with a lot of expression. A very long lined, youthful stallion with strong connections in the upper line. The head is noble. The nice shaped neck is enough vertical placed and the long shoulder is sloping enough. Rommert has more than enough hair and has a deep black color.

In all displines his technique of the legs was very positive. In particular his strong use of the hind legs was celebrated by the riders and drivers along with his good temperament and effort. Rommert is easy to work with and has a good quality to close and extend.

Rommert has a lot of quality in his trot. He makes big passes in the trot with a hind leg with a lot of bending in the heel and is placed with a lot of power under the body. The front legs are placed widely. Rommert has more then enough suppleness. The canter is with a good jump, with room and good use of his body. He could go more uphill. The canter is easy editable.

Suitability as a riding horse: As a dressage horse Rommert has a lot of talent. He gives the rider a good feeling, is easy to work with and has a good technique of movement. He is easy to close and extend.As a show driving horese he has a lot of technique because of this strong use of the hind legs and eagerness to work. The front legs are placed far away and shows a lot of knee action.
During the 70 dags test Rommert showed a lot of talent as a riding- and driving horse. As a show driving horse he has shown very much talent in the movement but needs to go more uphill. Rommert is very eager to work and is easy to ride in all three disciplines.

Motherline: Lieske fan ‘e Welle is from the strong motherline (stam 70). On a early age she became Preferent with  for example Rommert 498 and 2 provisional Crownmares. This Star mare is followed by the 1st premie Star mare from Oege 267 and also the following mare in the motherline is a 1st premie Star mare (Naen 264), who is also Preferent and has an IBOP score of 82 points.

Recommendations for breeding by the KFPS

Rommert 498 can improve the technique of the movement, effort and good setting. In particular with the use of the hind leg he can give a positive contribution  to the breeding program. Mares have to be build uphill.

Fee and reservation

The stud fee for Rommert 498 is € 1.000,- excl. VAT.  Use for reservation our Reservation form.