Jehannes 484 SPORT

General information
Breeder J. Bakker, Dedgum
Owner J.J.H. Boot and J.P.W. Boot, Hillegom and Family Age Okkema, Siegerswoude
 Height 1.67 meter
 Born 2011
 Descent Tsjalle 454 x Ster Preferent Oepke 266 x Ster Preferent Fokke 217 x Stb. Tsjalling 235P

Grand champion Stallion inspection 2015

  • Grand Champion Stallioninspection 2015
  • Sportpredicate Driving and Dressage

Jehannes is a beautifully build stallion with a nice modelled neck. He is build very ‘uphill’ with correct dry legs. In the stable Jehannes is very sweet and want attention from everyone. Jehannes is very willing to work and always puts his best foot forward. He has a very strong and active hind leg what he puts well under the masses. He has a good swiching power what especially for the dressage is very important. Jehannes stands out for its beautiful front and proud attitude.

Jehannes is the first born offspring of Tsjalle is also the first Stallion offspring of Tsjalle who has got approved. Jehannes has a double Preferent mother and a Preferent grandmother. Two half-sisters by Jehannes are Crown one of which is also Sport. His mother and half-sisters are very fine horses to work with.

Fee and reservation
The stud fee for Jehannes 484 is €1.000,- excl. VAT. Use for reservation our Reservation form.