Welcome to Stal de Mersken

Beautiful woods and heath, extensive estates, peace and space: amidst of this all our stable ‘Stal de Mersken’ is situated. Our facility is fitted with spacious stables and large pastures. We aim to keep horses in good shape and to train them properly so they are healthy and fresh of mind. This way, they perform optimally.

Our services include: preparing your horse for inspectionbreaking horses in under the saddle as well as for the cart; riding horses in performance aptitude tests (IBOP) and entering horses in competitions.
We also offer various Friesian horses for sale. And we can provide the entire export of your horse. Should you be looking for that one special friesian dream horse and you did not find it on our website? Please, let us know and we will try and find it for you.

Our site also provides extensive background information on our breeding stallions. They are in service on our breeding centre.

We trust our website will give a good impression of our friesian horses and what services we provide.

Please contact us, if we can be of any further service to you.


With kind regards,

the Age Okkema family
Stal de Mersken